re-defining leadership

At the Heart of Leadership

Experiential learning lies at the heart of successful personal development for leaders

He set out alone, seeking only knowledge and honour

Building Resilience

Under pressure, facing dilemmas, the leader’s chief resource is him/herself. Leaders need the capacity to access courage, authenticity and integrity. They need to learn how to manage their energy in response to varying levels of activity and pressure.

Creating the reflective space

Leaders need to know how to shift state between action and reflection. We use techniques taken from breath work and meditation to help the individual attain the ‘pilot state’ in order to self-monitor.

Accessing authenticity

Leaders need to know how to become the author of their own intentions. This means integrating body heart & mind in a holistic approach to ensure alignment, congruence and balance.

Different levels of listening

Cognitive, emotional & spiritual awareness need to be combined in order to develop resilience, reflective awareness and authenticity. We use techniques designed to enhance an understanding of the nature of the body as a human feedback and communication system, operating both consciously and sub-consciously.

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